Ruskin Press works in partnership with Popularis Ltd, accredited Independent Scrutineer and Returning Officer for ballots and elections. We advise how to design your material, including the ballot forms and statements, to maximise the appeal to members while understanding your budget. Popularis has tried and tested internet and telephone voting systems, and we integrate this with paper ballots to provide multi choice systems for your members. We work with you to ensure your ballot meets the tightest schedules. Let us help you raise participation in the democratic life of your organisation or company.

Market Research

Knowledge is everything in modern organisations and companies. Increasingly, surveys and market research are used to assess member opinion. Ruskin Press have developed a format of surveying that draws on your membership database, is very easy to fill-in and return, and can be analysed electronically for swift results.


Labour Party, Association of Labour Councillors, Amicus - Graphical, Paper and Media Section, Connect, Association of Teachers, Welsh Labour Party, Musicians’ Union, Nominet, Unity.

Case study

GPM members want good design which is easy to use for their elections. We managed the requirements from the nomination forms, despatch of ballot packs through to counting votes for the results.