Accord, a leading trade union for professionals in the banking and finance sector, commissioned Ruskin to print the reports associated with its annual conference. This kind of work finds Ruskin at its best, taking a clear brief, but with tight time targets and schedules, to print high quality literature, on time and on budget.

Ruskin has been the printer of choice for SSF since its very first days when it emerged as part of the struggle to ensure that the Millennium Goal of getting every primary age child in the world in to a school by 2015. The SSF produces a well read magazine, also printed by Ruskin as a window on to its broad range of projects encouraging children into learning, from Africa to Nepal.

Croyde Bay is a trade union holiday centre with a history. Ruskin Press were engaged by Unison to produce a short history brochure giving account of the achievements of this wonderful centre. Croyde Bay has moved with the times, serving generations of trade union holiday makers that spans five decades. The history now takes pride of display at the centre and has played an important role in popularising a side of trade unionism that rarely gets a mention.

Working with author Martin Cloake is always entertaining and producing Those Glory Glory Days brochure was a delight. The Tottenham Tribute Trust is one of those smaller charities, who go quietly about their important work. The Trust allocates resources and support to past players who are in need of care. The brochure was produced for a gala fundraising event.

Classroom behaviour is  one of the hottest topics in the world of Education and schools. From their first day on the job, teachers have to know how to manage classroom behaviour. To provide new teachers and new NUT members with this support, the NUT provides, free of charge, a specially commissioned edition of the Behaviour Guru by Tom Bennett. Ruskin took the join NUT/Continuum commission and project manage the printing and distribution of this popular affinity item.

Ruskin so enjoy working with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists who do what all trade unions do: look after their members. But they also do a great job engaging in public education. Ruskin and CSP recently worked together to create a new leaflet about back care specifically aimed at commercial drivers. The text was very factual about setting up your car and seat for the best ergonomic positions so it needed a strong visual to lead you in.

Pensions is the issue of the moment - the topic seizing newspaper and TV headlines. Ruskin worked with the NUT to bring an online Pensions Calculator to the attention of teachers. Direct mail led to the biggest one day hits the union's website has experienced in fifteen years.

Everyone has a view on classroom behaviour but only teachers or those training to teach have to be skilled up to deal with the reality. In 2011, Ruskin joined Inclusive Behaviour to produce what is now the most widely distributed interactive resource, for those teaching children, in schools throughout England and Wales.

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Accord is an independent trade union for employees in the LLoyds Banking Group. Ruskin has worked closely with Accord as it seeks to maintain its membership in this fast changing sector.

Together is a re launched journal for women trade union members of Unite, printed by Ruskin Press. This influential journal reflects the growing involvement of women in unions, at every level.